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Freeze drying is often the best way to preserve a sample. We can deliver a complete package system including freeze dryer, vacuum pump even the oil to run the pump. Call us for a quote to freeze dry for you or ship you our rental freeze dryer.


3 Day: $870

1 Week: $1087

1 Month: $2131

Long Term: $1522


RJH Rentals is OPEN

RJH Rentals is an essential business & continues to provide rental equipment to all our clients, including hospitals, grocery stores, food pantries, government agencies, and infrastructure companies.

We are known for portable air conditioners & foodservice equipment but we also provide these rentals that may be useful at this time:

-Portable Walk-in Freezers & Refrigerators for monthly & weekly rental useful for temporary food service programs
-Commercial & medical-grade refrigeration in a variety of sizes from undercabinet chest to three-door
-Medical & Laboratory equipment rentals including -86 Ultra-low freezers & centrifuges