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Charcoal Grill

3 day: $100 1 Week: $125 Monthly: $245 Long Term:...

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Ultra Low -86 C Freezer

3 Day: $486 1 Week: $648 1 Month: $1134 Long...

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Topaz Portable 1 Ton Air Conditioner

Topaz Portable AC 1 Ton Call (301) 937-9080 for pricing

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Generator – Chicago 6500 Watt

Chicago 6500W Generator Portable Generator Call (301) 937-9080 for pricing

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toastmaster tmg24 commercial griddle

Toastmaster 24″ Griddle

Highly-polished 3⁄4-inch steel plate spreads heat evenly and remains easy to clean.

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Star Max 624NF 24" Gas Griddle

Natural Gas Griddle

Throttling thermostatic controls can get the griddle to reach temperatures ranging from 150F to 450F

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20lb propane tank

20lb Propane Tank

The liquid inside weighs 20Lbs. Total weight is closer to 40Lbs.

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10AWG 120v 100ft Cord

10AWG 120v 100ft Cord

For high amperage equipment a thicker cord is necessary.

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8AWG 220v 100ft Cord

8AWG 220v 100ft Cord

These cords come standard with an L14-30 but can be adapted for your needs

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6AWG 220v 100ft Cord

6AWG 220v 100ft Cord

These cords come standard with an L15-50 but can be adapted for your needs.

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9000W Generator

9000W Generator

This generator can run any piece of equipment we rent including our walk in freezer trailers.

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50 amp pigtail

50 AMP Pigtail

This pigtail is typically used to adapt our standard 220V plug to whatever is onsite.

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wire shelving

Wire Shelving

Traditional wire shelving can be the difference between a clean safe kitchen and the opposite.

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40 QT stock pot

40 QT Stock Pot

Whether is low country boil or steaming crabs this pot can handle it.

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insulated beverage dispenser 5 gallon

5 Gallon Insulated Beverage Dispenser

Insulated Beverage Dispensers give the option to bring custom beverages to your customers.

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500lb water cooled ice machine

500lb Water Cooled Ice Machine

No restaurant is complete without its ice machine. Consider renting the next time your ice machine fails.

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1000lb ice machine

1000lb Ice Machine

The most utilized mid size restaurant ice machine is the 1000 lb maker.

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1400lb ice machine

1400lb Ice Machine

When you need to fill a small pool with ice this is your machine.

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200lb ice machine

200lb Ice Machine

This ice machine can make up to 200 pounds of ice a day.

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250lb undercounter ice machine

250lb Under Counter Ice Machine

Behind the bar or in the kitchen this ice machine gets the job done.

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500lb ice machine

500lb Ice Machine

Keep your kitchen operational with a rental Ice machine.

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stainless steel table

Stainless Steel Table

Stainless Steel Tables can be a sanitation must in an mobile or static kitchen.

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three compartment sink

Three Compartment Sink

Three compartment sinks can be on of the hardest things to take with you. When you absolutely need it there is no replacement.

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Portable Hand Sink

This restaurant grade portable hand sink can make any mobile kitchen health inspection ready.

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deli slicer

Deli Slicer

When you gotta slice a lot of meat there is no replacement for a good meat slicer.

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water cooled ultra low freezer

Water Cooled Ultra Low Freezer

If you need to replace a damaged ultra low freezer in a hurry we can freight a unit immediately.

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water cooled ultra low chest freezer

Water Cooled Ultra Low Chest Freezer

If you need to control the heat in your lab water cooled ultra low freezers are a good option.

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blood bank

Blood Bank

When the situation calls for a rental blood bank we are ready.

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8 liter freezer dryer

8 Liter Freezer Dryer

Freeze drying is often the best way to preserve a sample. We can deliver a complete package system including freeze dryer, vacuum pump even the oil to run the pump.

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ultra low chest freezer 3 cubic feet

3 Cubic Ft Ultra Low Chest Freezer

When you need -86 temperatures in a small footprint this unit can help.

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ultra low temperature chest

Ultra Low Temperature Chest

To keep samples ultra low even when frequently opening and closing the freezer chest style is a must.

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Refrigerated Centrifuge

Refrigerated Centrifuge

If you are experiencing mysterious failures in some of your samples consider centrifuge heating a potential culprit.

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ultra low freezer

Ultra Low Freezer

These Ultra low freezers can be found in almost any lab in America. They are a staple of scientific equipment

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portable ac 5 ton water cooled

Portable AC 5 Ton Water Cooled

A portable 5 ton AC unit is good for approximately 2500 square feet of cooling. With the added benefit of not requiring an air vent to the outside.

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portable ac 5 ton

Portable AC 5 Ton

A portable 5 ton AC unit is good for approximately 2500 square feet of cooling.

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portable ac 3 ton

Portable AC 3 Ton

A portable 3 ton AC unit is good for approximately 1500 square feet of cooling.

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portable ac 2 ton

Portable AC 2 Ton

A portable 2 ton AC unit is good for approximately 1000 square feet of cooling.

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portable ac 1.5 ton

Portable AC 1.5 Ton

A portable 1.5 ton AC unit is good for approximately 750 square feet of cooling.

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portable ac 1 ton

Portable AC 1 Ton

A portable 1 ton AC unit is good for approximately 500 square feet of cooling.

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Eight burners is a lot of cooking surface. Keep 65 hamburgers or 126 hot dogs cooking at once with 116.000 BTUs of power​.

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z rack

Z Rack

Speed racks can help to move food around the kitchen and production floor but after your are done with them they take up a huge footprint. Divide that footprint by 4 and you have the advantage of the Z-rack.

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sterno warming cabinet

Sterno Warming Cabinet

When electric warming cabinets aren’t an option these Sterno cabinets can keep your food safe and warm.

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6 burner stove with oven natural gas

6 Burner Stove with Oven Natural Gas

For your static kitchen we have several natural gas options.

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40lb natural gas fryer

40lb Natural Gas Fryer

When your natural gas fryer fails you do not have to wait until it is fixed or a new fryer arrives. We can get you up and running immediately.

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steam table buffet

Steam Table Buffet

This 5 well steam table comes with a sneeze guard. Ask about pans and electrical requirements before renting.

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Pasta cooker Natural gas

Natural Gas Pasta Cooker

In an Italian kitchen getting the pasta right is a fundamental. Keep it coming out perfect with our pasta cooker.

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pizza oven

Pizza Oven

For long term pizza kitchen use this as your oven. For events see convection ovens.

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single pan warmer

Single Pan Warmer

If you need a steam table for a single item or just to keep items hot as you serve them we have the rental solution.

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A commercial food steamer can be an asset in the kitchen. If your steamer breaks or you need one for an event we have a rental solution.

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30 gallon tilt skillet

30 Gallon Tilt Skillet

Whether your cooking equipment needs to feed 10 or 10,000 people we have your solution.

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40 gallon tilt skillet

40 Gallon Tilt Skillet

Industrial cooking at its finest. We have all of the kitchen equipment you might ever need to rent.

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This proofer goes to 220 degrees and is fully portable.

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6 burner stove with oven

6 Burner Stove with Oven Propane

This portable 6 burner stove has an oven and does not require an electric power source.

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24 inch griddle lp

24 Inch Griddle LP

Griddles get very heavy quickly as they go up in size. 24 inch x 24 inch is the largest size two men can pick up.

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convection oven lp

Convection Oven LP

This rental convection oven can cook personal pizzas or any party food as fast as you can throw it in.

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Warming Cabinet

Warming Cabinet

This portable warming cabinet can keep food warm for any event or party.

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40lb propane fryer

40lb Propane Fryer

This deep fryer is the work horse of the kitchen. It is fully portable and ready to cook.

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salad bar

Salad Bar

Our salad bar or cold pan serving counter is setup for ice in the bottom and steam table pans on top.

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blast chiller

Blast Chiller

We have five pan blast chillers available to help keep your food cold.

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cooler bottle case

Cooler Bottle Case

The bottle case is a great way to keep a bar stocked.

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1 door freezer

1 Door Freezer

One door freezers have approximately 24 cubic feet of interior volume.

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2 door freezer

2 Door Freezer

You will find at least one 2 door freezer in almost every commercial kitchen.

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1 door under counter freezer

1 Door Under Counter Freezer

This under counter one door freezer can close a production gap in your kitchen.

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work top refrigerator

Work Top Refrigerator

A one door worktop refrigerator can save 400 trips to a refrigerator across the kitchen a day.

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household refrigerator

Household Refrigerator

This is a standard freezer over refrigerator home refrigerator.

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ice cream chest freezer

Ice Cream Chest Freezer

This deep freeze can store and display treats for your quests or your office.

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rental kegerator

Rental Kegerator

This is the perfect party kegerator. Much more refined than a pump and ice bucket.

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kegerator portable back bar

Kegerator, Portable Back Bar

Our units come with 1 tank of CO2 which should last for 3 kegs of beer.

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pizza prep table

Pizza Prep Table

Our pizza prep tables can be rented for one day events, festivals and restaurant installations.

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2 door refrigerator

2 Door Refrigerator

A rental refrigerator 2 door can fit through most doors. These units provide maximal portability and maximal storage space.

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2 door under counter refrigerator

2 Door Under Counter Refrigerator

The two-door under-counter rental refrigerators are front opening and have two-section storage.

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1 door refrigerator

1 Door Refrigerator

Renting a commercial fridge gives you the flexibility and peace of mind to easily scale with the number of attendees/guests.

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2 door work top refrigerator

2 Door Work Top Refrigerator

Stainless steel worktop refrigerators are the work horse of the kitchen.

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2 drawer under counter refrigerator

2 Drawer Under Counter Refrigerator

Your chefs need refrigerated product at their fingertips.

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2 door sandwich prep table

2 Door Sandwich Prep Table

A sandwich prep table for those who need just a little bit more space in their food prepping area.

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3 door sandwich prep table

3 Door Prep Table

This prep table is perfect for the food prepping counter space you need at any event or just for added space.

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single barrel soft serve ice cream machine

Single Barrel Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Countertop rental soft-serve ice cream machine.

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1 door glass refrigerator

1 Door Glass Refrigerator

All of our rental units come with wheels to make them easy to move.

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rental soft serve machine double barrel

Rental Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Double Barrel

We can deliver soft serve machines for events as well as seasonal applications.

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2 door glass refrigerator

2 Door Glass Refrigerator

Glass 2 door refrigerators are our most commonly rented item.

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walk in trailer

Ultra Low Walk In Freezer -30c

Our -30 C ultra low walk-in freezer trailer is one of our coolest and most unique items.

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walk in trailer

Walk In Freezer Trailer Rental

These walk-in freezers are perfect for events, temporary needs, or in an emergency.

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walk in trailer

Walk In Refrigerated Trailer

Our walk in refrigerated trailers are equipped with a fully operational condensing system and optional gasoline powered generator.

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