How many shelves are in a refrigerator? How many shelves are in a Freezer?

Both refrigerators and freezers have a similar number of shelves solely based on the size of the unit. Here’s a small list of our offerings in different sizes:

A one door refrigerator/freezer has 3 shelves.

A two door refrigerator/freezer has 6 shelves.

A three door refrigerator/freezer has 9 shelves.

How many shelves are in a walk in?

Unlike a standard one door, two door, or three door refrigerator or freezer, our walk ins have shelving units available to put in the space. We can put up to 2 shelving units in a walk in. Each shelving unit has 4 shelves.

How much gas does a generator use? How long does it take before the generator needs to be filled?

Our generators hold 5 gallons of gas. One generator can run for 6 – 8 hours depending on the outside weather conditions. The hotter it is outside, the more a refrigeration unit will pull on the generator to keep the temperature down.

How long do you have to wait before you can use a walk in?

Our walk in units are ready to go as soon as we show up to your event or business. They do need 20 minutes of run time to come to temperature.

Can you operate two fryers off of one propane tank?

Yes depending on the fryer and the size of propane tank. We can provide splitters which will allow two fryers to work off of one bottle of propane. We have various fryer sizes and propane tanks that can be used in multiple combinations. If you have any questions you can ask our trained staff that will get you the proper sizes for your rental.

How much power does a soft serve ice cream machine need/require?

A soft serve ice cream machine requires two 30 amp circuits with two L14-30 recepticals.

How much power does a warming cabinet require/need? How much power does a hot food serving counter require/need?

Warming Cabinets require 115 volt 20 amp circuits (standard household plug). Hot food serving counters require two 115 volt 20 amp circuits.

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