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Tilt skillets are a powerful tool in the kitchen. IT makes it easy to deliver large volumes of food. The lifting function decreases the amount of injury in the kitchen. We have units available in natural gas and electric. Call us today for a quote.


3 Day: $834

1 Week: $1112

1 Month: $1946

Long Term: Call for Pricing

RJH Rentals is OPEN

RJH Rentals is an essential business & continues to provide rental equipment to all our clients, including hospitals, grocery stores, food pantries, government agencies, and infrastructure companies.

We are known for portable air conditioners & foodservice equipment but we also provide these rentals that may be useful at this time:

-Portable Walk-in Freezers & Refrigerators for monthly & weekly rental useful for temporary food service programs
-Commercial & medical-grade refrigeration in a variety of sizes from undercabinet chest to three-door
-Medical & Laboratory equipment rentals including -86 Ultra-low freezers & centrifuges